weekend. Sepak takraw..FINAL!!

Lying on my chest surfing the net, bloghop to those blogs I follow. I think I'm going back to KL after Maghrib. It's kinda jam around 4-5p.m. Not sure it's already OK around night but at least it's not that hot during night. Do you know for men you can save some fuel by closing all your windows, switch OFF the air cond and just open the slid from the front so the air could get through the engine and goes into the car. At night, it's still pretty cool and convenient though...Hehehe. Well, maybe it's just for me. I 'cool' really easy. So that kind of ventilation is enough for me.

Usually I would kick off back to KL around 2 p.m to avoid the jam and to play the evening takraw as usual. So, I would stop at the usual place to play first. But because yesterday, I played for Piala Komuniti Sabak Bernam for the whole day, I think I've had enuff takraw for this week. Ekekke...I managed to go to the final.

My teammates, both of them have not being playing sepak takraw for years. It's a bonus to win through the final. The team that we faced at the final is an OK, strong..but not that strong as I've faced much stronger opponents than them. But still, we lose..ahaha. It's a great game still as we played till rubber set before they finally won the final. So, we won RM300 for the prize money, divided by four..so I got Rm80. Ok lor..just finished it to pay the cobbler to fix my shoes..ehehe. I have adidas and puma shoes that have already worned out and need to replace the soles. Might give one of it to my dad so I don't feel that I have too many shoes. Err..I want to buy new pair..a tennis shoes..heeheheh!!

Ok, my 13-year old sister managed to snap some pics. Not that sharp..but still OK as I never know how I play. I never see my own pictures while doing the air kick and flip. So, with the pictures I have, I know where to improve. The first picture above, I was doing the roll-kick and the ball hit my opponent on his belly so fast. Senak beb dia...ahahahaha!!!! Yeszaaaa!!!

This one...bapak jauh bola dari net. But still managed to do the roll kick and let the ball over the net. But I didn't get the point. It's not that fast, so the opponent managed to receive it.

This one..see the opponent just looking at me and not blocking it??dia takut dah..kepala n badan dia dh kena dh. Sblum tu, dia libas bola ke badan. Aku senyum je. Lepas aku sepak ni, aku saiko dia, "tak blok ke??takut kena rembat ke banggggg". ekekeke

Ahh..this shot. My leg looks weird huh???aku pn tak pasti aku tgh blocking or tgh melipat.

Anyway, I will be represting my DUN for the next competition..ehehe..