Weekend getaway??It's more like weekendPlan is getting away

Friday..Supposedly, I'm at my friend's house in Kuantan and getting ready to fetch Cembam from her rented house, ask her to bring me to the best beach around Kemaman, have our lunch bla bla bla. Well, it was just the plan yet Allah is the one with the final say. We have planned it weeks ago that I would visit Cembam after my office hour yesterday by driving there. I've sent my car to the shop to check the engine, even tell my mum that I'm going there. Howeverrrr..my TL approached me yesterday saying that this morning, we would have a meeting with the manager. Arrr..I hope he will attend the meeting, my manager. If not..arrrr!!!

This is the 2nd time, my plan was rather ruined or thwarted by unexpected event. Sigh**. Ok, before anyone would speculate anything, I didn't have any ill intention ok. Just wanna visit my fiancee whom I never phone since our engagement...errr..I think I did..emm..twice I think. Huu..so, I thought it would be nice to spend time with her, watching transformers and pamper ourselves with something to buy. So the plan is postponed to next month.

Ahh..do you guys see the banner on the right side of my blog. Yep, my friend organizes this event or weekend-getaway almost every week. There are lots of bazaars selling every sort of things, especially clothing. You could get a better price here. This week, it will be held at Solaris Mont Kiara. I've never been there. SO, where do I fit into the puzzle? My friend wants to have a session where families could come to his booth and I will take their family pictures for FREE. Yep. Free. THe picture will be printed out in 4R size and will be given to you on the next event. Of course this is a nice way to keep people coming.

You can bring along your own props, costumes or whatever things you want to make your pictures as nice as you want. So, why wait. Come and make the event merrier!! Hee, I could meet my first Godson anyway. Zaffar..wait for Papa!!!!Ahahahah!!!