Wardina and her treatment

Today seems so free and spacious!! I skipped my lunch today for the sake of Wardina. I was gliding through the air with her one day around 130km/h when Wardina suddenly seemed to slow down suddenly while I was still squeezing and pulling the throttle to it's max. It was like you are riding up a hill kind of feeling except you were not.

The next day, Wardina could only pulled off 120km/h downhill and she got worse when she could barely managed to reach 100km/h. I've checked the engine oil, her fuel was even V-power. I was getting worried. Hence, I brought her to a 'spa' at SUngai Buloh. Yamaha Center during lunch just now.

Took the number and explained to the guy what was my problem. There was a sitting area where you could watch the Astro, and take a cool drink at the corner of the area. The other sitting area is where you could watch your bikes were being fixed by the mechanics. There's a counter-like office space where they hang the names of everyone where you could see them. And I spot one of the staff's name is Laawanya. Ehehehe..Wanted to take a picture of it, but don't want to offend anyone. The name's bearer was nowhere to be found while I was there.

You could buy original spare parts of Yamaha here with a reasonable price and a nice discount too. So, I waited for Wardina's turn to be submitted into the garage. Once in there I could see the mechanic doing something to her. About half an hour, the mehanic came out with Wardina and asked me to test her out. Well, I couldn't shift to gear 5 around the area so I would never know whether the poor speed problem is rectified or not.

The staff said I could just come back with the receipt if I'm not satisfied with it. They just reset the kinda-chip thingy inside Wardina that records everything that have happened to her. Paid just Rm30 as nothing was being replaced except for normal service.

I rode Wardina with the surge of fast cold air around us and I could hear her said, "It's nice to feel the fast air again Laling". Ouch..I'm touched.