A gal n a guy relationship

Uuhh..it's already 12 noon. I just finished updating all my tickets, replied user's emails and updating necessary things that need to be updated. I'm free now..or, for now..bloghopped here and there whenever the title is interesting. Hehehe..Kapten Luffy's entry is as hot as usual. I think I want to share my 2 cents about guy n gal relationship.

Most of us have been approached by somebody with an opposite gender. And each one of us have our own reactions. Some would simply turned it down, some would make friend with him/her and some would proceed to know him/her deeply and ended up in a relationship (couple). Believe it or not, these are some ways of 'Jodoh' approaching you.

When a girl is approached and the guy said, "I want to be your friend", first thing you need to bear in your mind is that it's always a first step to know you more and actually the end result is to make you his GF. Well, most of the case. Out of 100, maybe 1 would sincerely just want to be your friend. Or other worse possibility like the guy just being challenged to nail you or something like that. I mean, you could see it clearly. You are a totally stranger to this guy, and he just says he wanted to be your friend. It's always because he attracted to you. Unless, you are his classmate whom he never talked to. When he is just a mere stranger..It's always because he is atrracted to you.

During the phase where you have lunch together or hanging out..this is the phase where 2 strangers trying to know each other's character. From here, it would define the word 'friend' or 'couple' based on the evaluation of each of you. When I approached a girl..well, everyone has their own love story right? I always being frank. I told her something like this.

"you should know better if a guy like me trying to be friend with you when we are just strangers, it's always because I like to see if there's any chance we could be..you-know"

Yep, it's the word I always use. So if you never heard this from my mouth or my text message girl, you should know I'm no more than just a friend and the possibility of sex in my mind about you is nearly zero. It always emphasize by words like "it's Ok, we be friend first..we might have the same interest. From there if you think we are suit to be together then it's 'Jodoh' I supposed". Hehehe.

Ok, so you don't need to freak out if I stared you indefferently when we met, or I use some words that looks like I was trying to hit on you..coz the real words are always the one above..=]. Happy Tuesday!!!

//credit to Moa Maria for the picture