Huuu...just finished the three of the albums that I've mentioned in my previous entries. I'm feeling soooo spacious n free. I can browse all I want and edit some old pictures to be uploaded in my flickr. I was watching 'Kontrak Cinta' while waiting for Final Men Wimbledon Tournament. Serena won against Venus just now.

Ahh..I was supposed to be having a nice day with Cembam..arr..I didn't text a single message today to her. It's like I purposely forget about her for the whole day. Hehehe..Eh!! I just got a text message from Cembam!!! Akakakaka..Like she knows that I was talking about her. Huhuhu!!

Going to wash my laundry later. I always shut my bedroom door close recently. I always keep on seeing a small furry creature that looks the same as the main character of ratatouille, except this tiny one is not blue. Damn. I dont have the guts to kill it. Huu..So, I have to make sure my bedroom door remains closed to make sure it won't sneak into my room mess up my room.

I borrowed the mouse trap once from my friend, but the plan didn't come to fruition. I've used various kind of baits, but the next morning either the bait was not there anymore or it would still be there. Kuku. maybe if I have a cat like the one above, my problem would be solved? But I need a cat that can pee and poo into the hole inside my bathroom. Cats nowadays could do that??

You can check the latest album design that I've finished in my 'Wedding Jobs' page