Tuesday Update

I'm stucked!! There are 2 incident tickets assigned to me and I am still working on the cause of the issue. So far, dead end!! I guess I'd take some time to nag here first. Who knows in the middle of this entry the idea would surge into my head..hehehe.

I met with my brother during lunch just now. I asked him to bring my shoes that I sent to replace the sole. I sent 2 pair of shoes. I wanted to give one of it to my dad so I asked him to choose any. He chose the white with gold stripes adidas that has been used by me for 3 years. It's still in a very good condition. So, I asked my brother to bring the Puma one. It's the 2nd sole replacement for my puma shoes. It's comfortable to wear and Sayaaanngg sangat to just throw it away. I give it it's the last change to serve me...=p.

As I have the rejuvenated Puma shoes, I think I'm not going to buy a new tennis shoes for the time being. Ramadhan is just at the end of next month. It would be a month rest from playing tennis. I don't really mind to play during the fasting month. But I would feel a bit awful when I was there in the middle of the court playing while some of us were praying terawih at the mosque nearby. It's like turning my back on my god. SOmething like that..HUhu. Hence, it would be Ok to wait after raya to buy a new one. Heee..

I'm planning to pay a visit to Cembam on 7th August. This is the 3rd time I plan to do so and hopefully this time nothing would thwart it. Pleaseeee...

Picture : The frontyard of my parents' house. My father planted it years back so he could put some benches for a hangout under it. It grows and fit the purpose now...=]