New playlist

Thanks to ♥sAzALOvEwAN♥, Inasalina, Diana, Vlida Fida and Blackskin (I thougt Kapten Luffy. Your avatar looks like him) for being my newest follower. Hope you would find what you want by doing so. It's calmingly quiet, my housemates have long gone leaving me alone surfing the net. The lack coffee aroma filled up the air, the sounds of my neighbour's washing machine and my square fan seems to be the only music. I would play the new songs I've downloaded to make sure I downloaded the correct one before uploading into my IPOD. Yep, I'm creating my new playlist..ehehe.

Well, so far the list contains these songs :
-Halo - Beyonce
-Mother - sami yusuf
-Matahariku - Agnes Monica
-Rigt now Na Na - Akon
-Bawaku Terbang - fabulous cat
-I hate this part right here - PCD
-Intifada - Rabbani
-Pergi Tak Kembali - Rabbani
- The Climb - Miley Cyrus
-Jai Ho - PCD
-My life would suck without you - Kelly Clarkson
-Fire Burning - Sean Kingston
-Fuck You - Lilly Allen
-Bencinta - Faizal Tahir

Well, I don't have a folder of songs in my computer. So most of these songs need to be downloaded. And I managed to get those this morning. Heee..Going to listen to them in the office when the construction next to our building creates a higher desible of noise pollution.