My mom, warrior of the galaxy!!

Bored. I'm streaming you tube - Kya Kehna. Suddenly I wanted to listen to this song. Huu..a bit boring today. Just couple of tickets which cannot be solved at this moment. Was flickring through my pictures in other accounts and bumped into this picture. Hehehe..Taken during Hari Raya Puasa last year. Ehehehe. Cautios..this berserking lady would attack anyone by instinct and would regretted it later. Ahahaha!!

Owkh..this one is Mom's gedik pose with her sister..ekeke. Now you know where I get the cute gene from huh??ehehehe. We were preparing to kick off from grandma's house to visit our relatives. Ehehehe.

Owkh..I think I miss my mum..mommaaaaa!!!!