Midnight Nagging

Ahhh~~~ Managed to customize my header before the night swallowed me into the mysterious world of unconsciousness and half dead. I just got back from my friend's cafe opening ceremony. They held a small kenduri doa selamat, the chef cooked a very nice dish for tonight. I ate till my stomach full and left after almost 2 hours being there. I'm staying at his staff's hostel/apartment for tonight.

Getting sleepy now. It's already half past one in the morning. Huuuu...It feels so free yesterday and probably the same today as my tickets are all closed. I fill my time reading reader's digest looking for new words I could use. I would spend time sitting on the massage chair enjoying the vibration and the twitching muscles everytime the chair does it's work. I would hang out at the balcony while watching people passing by and the green trees. Huhh~~ these are the reasons I could still enjoy my working life every single day.

Looking for your work balance emotionally is actually crucial to maintain the passion towards your work, the easy feeling during your office hours and making sure the efficiency is well delivered regardless of the workload and the dateline. Always find a way to escape from the tense and the heavy feeling coming from your work. Sometimes it's just a very minute thing like staring at your pot plant for a half a minute!!

Another 7 days to go with just Rm40 in my wallet..urghh!! It's extremely hard to save as much as you need to make sure when the day comes, you have enough saving to start a new life with someone you love. arrghh..senang citer nk kawin!!! Huh..Am I going to look like the picture above when I wear the tengkolok during my wedding. Hhuhuhu..macam Hang Anul!!