Lively Saturday

Monday..owkh..Had to go up my dear ass..come on!! It's monday!! Shoot!! It's already 9.40a.m. Get up!! Hehe..a monolog between my body and I..aahaha. It wasn't that late when I went to bed last night. I dreamt of lots of things. But the storyline is not a clear one, so I couldn't recall every piece of them to be fit into the puzzle. But it's something about Hari Raya (I dreamt it quite often for the past 2 weeks) and something about driving in an unknown place.

How's your weekend? Mine was sooo normal. On Saturday I went for my friend's tahlil, doa selamat, Birthday Party and Anniversary event all in one. Huhu!! I could met Zaffar again!! Congratulation to Z n M for your 2nd anniversary. It seems apart of all the challenges you both have faced, you ended up being happy with that cute little anti-lense toddler..hehe. But, ended up is not the right word here. It's just the beginning of years full of memories ahead.

Thanks for the food. Especially the coconut jelly..yum yum. I think I ate like 15-20 of them. Aahahha!! Wanted to ask more before going home, but so shy. Get to meet Elyani and her family. The look-a-like Yaacob Khan, Danish whom big enough to run all over the place now. Uncle pn segan nk gomol dh besar2 cmtu..ehehe.

Arinsonians whom managed to come that day were Ruzman, Abid and his partner, Ayman and friend??Gay friend??ahahaha!!, Rina and her family and last but not!! I fell asleep last night in the middle of uploading the pictures. That's the only one managed to be uploaded. Would share the rest of the pictures later. Either here, or at my Efendism blog..hehehe!!

Happy Monday everyone!!