Late Update featuring 'Do the right thing'

I took a bath right after I woke up this morning with the purpose not to sleep back after subuh prayer to browse as I like. I don't really have the leverage to browse my personal things lately. In the office, definitely I can't browse as I like. But during the night I would be at home around 11p.m after my tennis session. So, I don't really have time to browse..hehe. Owkh, fo my dear friends who have been waiting for Hafizah's wedding pictures, you can click here or just click 'MyClientsMemento' link above for the update. Late update..just remember about it last night.

I attended a meeting yesterday. It was about the safety day of Shell and we were presented with slides on 'Do the right thing'. There was a video about how important to always do the right thing regardless of the obstacles. Then our manager was sharing about some example from his own experience the night before where he happened to smell a very strong petrol from one of the motorcycle at the basement park. Then he told us how he chose to let te security guard knows eventhough he's late for his appointment.

Then he also gave the example of how we should drive slower and carefully during the rain when the road is so slippery and we might involve in accident which he saw in that rainy day where a car crashed into a tree and heavily injured. After the presentation is ended, my manager asked everyone in the room what does do-the-right-thing means to us.

Well, when it was my turn I answered that 'right thing' is subjective. It needs prioritizing. I imagined if after my manager took the decision to be a bit late for his appointment by notifying the security guard about the leaking petrol that might cause an explotion, he did the right thing. But after that, because of this decision, he was late and speed up along the way and ended up crashing into a tree like the person he saw. What do u guys think? Because of the 'right thing' he did earlier, he crashed!!

That's why I thought 'right thing' needs prioritizing. If because of the first right thing you did would result in such a bad thing after that. Actually the right thing in this kind of situation is not to do anything about the first thing which the example in this one was reporting the leaking petrol which makes you late for your appointment. Am I right?

SO, right thing is indeed subjective. You need to carefully think of the consequences of every single decision you gonna make. Carefully weighing the pro n cons of every option you have. Remain calm, and you would be seeing things way clearer.

Well, Do The Right Thing everyone!!