Investment - long-term benefit

I'm online at IRC cafe again tonight. I was feeling soo hungry just now. I don't want to have another pack og maggie mee as it's not yet 3 days after the last one I had. Another week for my next salary and I only have Rm30 on me now. Not a dime in my Maybank. So, reluctantly..I came here and use my voucher once more. Ordered Fish N Chip n Iced Coffee. Of course I would order wite rice and telor dadar if I could, but it's not in the menu.

Checked my email just now and I could see an email from public bank on the Trust Fund report for this month. Finally I could see a growth on the price of my China Ittikal Fund. But still hasn't reach the same price when I bought it last year. The price started to plummet during the US financial crisis. My agent rang me and asked if I want to add my units as buying the units during that time would be beneficial. The theory is simple, BUY WHEN IT'S CHEAP AND SELL WHEN IT'S EXPENSIVE. Of course I know about that as I am used to reading books related to financial sometimes. But not the heavy one.

I said to my agent that I would observe the price for three months and see what my insticnt says. For another 3 months, the price kept on decreasing. The news about the financial crisis seems to be worse everyday. So, I took the decision not to buy more shares.

But for the last 3 months, I could see the price is slowly increasing. From 12 cents, it's now reaching for 20 cents. I bought the share when it was 2o cents plus. Means, I have just wasted a big opportunity to add my units when the price is lot cheaper. It's a real life lesson to me. I hesitated to add the unit was not actually because I saw a trend of price-plummeting. But because buying trust fund unit is not a short-term thing. The benefits could only be seen after years. The main objective to me now is saving for my marriage. Hence, eventhough I spend a thousand for example to add my unit would hopefully benefit me in the future, but I would short a thousand in my marriage saving. That's the real dilemma.

Fancy of investing anyone??