Huuu..Abah mau jalan2 la tu

Listening to Lilly Allen's FUck You..ahaha..Catchy!! It's Beyonce's Halo now. Huhu..Most of the occupants in this floor are disturbed by the noise from the construction that has been going on for more than 3 months now. You can imagine the sounds of M-16 in the air. SO, most of us would plugged our ears with the earplugs provided by the management. But usually the best option is to wear the headset or headphone and start enjoying our own music.

Some would listen to it full blast!! The only problem is when someone was on your back wanting to speak or discuss with you and you were blogging at that time!! Ahahaha!! SO, whenever I want to listen to my music with both ears, I need to always look on back. Ekekeke. Oh, it's Rabbani's Pergi Tak Kembali now. Owkh..insaf kejap.

My mom called just now. She said my dad want to attend the wedding event of his relative at Kota Damansara. My sister is not feeling well to drive. It's not really the best option to let Abah drive inside KL. Huhu..So he said it's OK, he can come by his bike. The thing is, like you's hard to keep in contact with him once he is here. I don't really mind accompanying him, but I don't really know this relative. When mom told my dad my excuse, he's berserking at home now..Huhuhu!! saying that I would come home once a month and never bother to attend any kenduri, gejubus.

Aduhh..true..I rarely attended any kenduri when I was in my hometown. It's because for me, I want to rest with the presence of my family. I just arrived last night then I need to gejubus. Uuhh..I would only attend them if they are my friend's or my close relative. If I have extra Monday for my weekend, then I won't hesitate to lend my hands merewang coz I have another day. Huuhhh..was it just my excuse?? Hmm...

Well, what I know, Abah just use the kenduri as a reason to come here. Ehehehe..mcm tak kenal..nak jalan2 la tu. No problem lor. If he insisted to come, then I just need to be ready as his tourist guide...=]