How to get the song when U are not authorized to download it?

I read Jard's entry just now on how to convert FLV file to MP3 version. Such a saviour to anyone who created the program and shares it with us. Thanks a lot!! Most of the player we have needs an MP3 version of file to be uploaded into our IPOD, handphone or other gadget. And the easiest way to get your song is via youtube. But of course it's in an FLV format. So, with this kind of website, it makes our live much easier.

Ok, now I wanna share how you can get the mp3, mpeg, flv especially from a youtube when you dont even have administrative access in your PC. For employee like me, I am not authorized to download things from the internet. DO you have the same problem? They block every website with 'download' word in it. For youtube, you can get it in many ways. Youtube grabber, and lots more. But what if you are blocked??

So, the other way is to right click on your 'start' button and select explore. You will see your folders on your left side. Then, make sure you enable the visibility of the hidden folders. You can click Tools on the menu on top of your window. Click Folder Options. Find View, and you can see Hidden Files and Folders. Check the radiobutton on Show hidden Files and Folders and click Yes. You can do this unhidden action before you explore your windows.

Ok, back to the window where you 'explore' just now. Go to Local Disk, C -> Document and Settings -> your username (if you are using GI-D machine, find your name. If you use your own laptop, select your user ID or just simply select Administrator) -> Local Settings -> Temporary Internet Files. From there, you can see all your temporary Internet Files which you can copy and save them.

If you are using Windows XP, you won't see the Temporary Internet Files folder. There would only be Temp folder. Just click on the Temp folder, then you add the URL to Temporary Internet Files. Press enter, you will see the windows. Any FLV video from youtube that you browsed would be in there. Any MP3 songs would be there..eventhough you just listen to it from someone's blog!! It would be there. You can copy them. Any pictures you browsed would also be there.

So, you can try it at the office tomorrow. Ahahaha. I am so malas to attach the screenshot. Try first, if you struggle to do it..just ask me lor. Anyway, it seems most of you have the privillege to download things from your machine..unlike me..=]. Ok!! Bye!!