Sunday morning. I was just finished watching 'Dark Floor' movie which I don't really understand the real story the scriptwriter trying to share with the audience. I'm not pretty sure I get the story line. Was it a scary movie, ghost movie, mystery or a weird monster movie. Simply don't get it. And then I watched Jackie Chan's Shinjuku Incident movie which is based on the true story of one of the dark history of Japan and the Chinese immigrants.

I'm always feeling 'hot' inside me whenever I watch a movie about group of people massacred a person, torturing someone and etc. I admit there's a great sensation when I watch movies like Young and Dangerous. Movies about yakuzas, gangsters and Triad Gang. It kinda cool to be part of the gang. But that's the only cool thing.

It's always come back to you. Your family would be dragged into your problem. They would be killed and tortured just like you. It's great huh to be on top of the chain and step on someone's head whom succumbed right beneath your foot. But when you were the one under the foot, you would tremble in fear as well.

I always despise this kind of inhuman being. Freely take away someone's life without a slight hesitation to it. Fuck you...fuck you very very muchhh~~~~. Owkh..emotion rush. Huhuhu!!! Ok, what should I do to spend my Sunday morning when I only have 30 ringgit till my next salary...hmmm..