Went to watch Harry Potter last night with fellow NGAs..For me, one of the novel reader should have already knew the story line. Just want to watch how it being presented as a movie. Quite nice even for most of the viewers weren't really thrilled to watch it as they don't really follow the life of Harry Potter since the beginning.

I am looking for a tennis shoe. I've been browsing here and there, checking the price, compare the quality and everything on order to get a nice tennis shoe that has a very great endurance, not too expensive and most preferably ON SALE!! Browsed in ISETAN last night before going to the foodcourt. There were nice running shoes, Adidas which you could buy for RM100 a pair. A very nice price I could say. But still looking for the specific tennis shoes.

Will be playing tennis tonight and then drive balik kampung right after that. I'm not really sure whether my eyes would be so sleepy after sweating for two hours while driving home. Hopefully my IPOD could make me stay awake for the whole journey tonight. I even drive to work today despite of the expensive parking. I can claim it anyway.

Huh...nothing interesting. I would be updating my blog again after I finished fantasizing my own Harry Potter story..=]