Fri-dei tambi!!

As usual, I ride along the highway as fast as I could and as cautious as I could ever be towards the office. I could see quite numbers of police petrol cars on the road today. I think every 10kms I could see one. There's even a road block when I was about to enter Jalan Istana. I guess it's due to the ISA-Rally thingy. Anyone of you joining it??ehehe!! predicted, my long-awaited salary has just being banked-in last night. My friend texted me last night when I was having my "Nasi Cowboy". Do you know what is it? Nasi Cowboy or Nasi Bujang is a dish of white rice + Telur dadar + Sup Kosong with optional Sambal Belacan. Hehehe. Usually it costs RM2. Eeekekeke. I know I could prepare it myself. But without the soup, it wont taste the same. And if I were to prepare the soup, it needs more effort and more time. I would be at home around 11p.m and I don't think it's a wise thing to prepare my meal when it's almost midnight.

Is Zonaku offer for satay kajang still available??ekekeke. Are we going to be treated tonight?? Ekekeke. Or Zonaku was just offering you?? Aiyak..perasan sendiri la maknanya.

Just got back from the mosque. Everytime the iqamah is called, everyone would start walking into the prayer hall. Those who were listening to the khutbah from the stairs, from the parking lot, from their cars would emerged and flooded by the prayer hall. Some would prefer to perform their prayers downstairs where you could see a sign saying "Praying in the prayer hall is much better (afdhal)".

Back to those who were walking into the prayer hall, most of them would stop at the last 3 rows at the back. Pity though. You should fill up the front rows coz it's way better (afdhal) than being in the back rows. If the nice reward of being at the front rows is nothing for you, just consider others. When all these people were rushing in, and then you stopped at the back rows, most probably the rest would stop behind you. Who gonna fill the front rows? Even the one who were trying to fill up the front rows were being hampered by you. You are blocking the rest of them!!

If you really need to kick off early once the prayer is ended because your car is blocking the traffic or whatever reasons you have, shouldn't you just wait till most of the people are already in and filled up the front rows? Then the back rows are all yours. Huu..Common sense people..common sense!!