Converted?? For the sake of love??How long it would last?

It was raining heavily this early morning. Well, I think. Coz I could listen to the taps on my roof from my sleep. Once awake, I phoned my colleague asking the KL weather and kicked off from my home. Thanks to the raincoat, I am still wet eventhough I was wearing it. Didn't manage to get connected last night because of my tennis session. We started at 10p.m as most of the courts were fully utilized. A great session anyway. I think my backhand is improving a lot. =]

I want to share about a horrific incident happened to my english teacher's auntie. We chatted for quite an hour one night. The thing about religion came up in our chat after I asked her my curiosity whether christianity has the same "syurga bawah tapak kaki suami" and "syurga bawah tapak kaki ibu". Based on what she knows, they don't have this kind of teaching. Then the chat went bigger.

My teacher told me that her aunt converted and embraced Islam and married to a muslim guy. However after they have 3 kids (If i recall correctly), the guy left her and married someone else. So her aunt raised her kids alone and endured so much. From here on, living a muslimah life when the rest of the family are not is surely a situation where Islam could be misjudged as a terrible religion by permitting a guy to marry more than one abandoning his family like that.

Her aunt later found out that she has cancer. Making it harder and harder to endure her life with her kids. The guy never showed up till the day of her aunt's death. And the saddest thing about the story is that when almarhumah was on her bed waiting for the death knocking on her door, she was terribly sad of how her life has turned out. She said to my teacher that she doesn't want to be a muslimah anymore. How terrible.

But yet, she died as a muslimah (let us hope). The burial is in our custom. My teacher even wore a veil and attended the jenazah prayer in the mosque. I prayed for her aunt at that point of time while we were chatting hoping that she still has faith in Allah till her last breath. And now, my teacher said that the guy was trying to get his hands on the almarhumah's wills. It's more embarrassing hearing this. I even said to my teacher that it's a big sin to snatch something that belongs to the orphan. My teacher added that the guy even use black magic to make sure he gets what he wants.

Oh Allah..this kind of act is making our religion looks so hideous. No wonder when I said to my teacher that in our teaching, wives should obey their husbands, I could sense the injustice feeling of her on that.

Hmm..let this be a lesson that religion and love should not treated the same way. You might fall in love with someone you love, but you can't promise that you could fall in love with his/her philosophy, religion, action or anything. It's usually towards the person only..most of the cases.

So, what I'm gonna say here is not a prayer I hope. To Alya, if...just IF..there's something wrong with your marriage, do you think you would still be a muslimah? If you not sure of it, it means you are not embracing Islam with all of your heart. And the blame is also to us, who can't show you how beautiful Islam is. That's why, when it comes to this kind of marriage, there's a huge obstacle waiting.

To all guys who married to a girl whom converted into Islam, please..please guide them. Show your love as much as you could so at least they still love Islam because she loves you. At least..But if you could, make them love Islam as well so if anything happened to you, they wont easily blame religion for that.

From my story above, it's more towards the person itself. But it's sad to blame religion for it. And it's not even the Amarhumah's fault to think such way. We didn't give her the proper guide. SHe might not exposed to a good teaching. There's a reason why Islam teaches us to obey our mom most for the guy and to obey your husbands out of anyone for the married women. If you feel it injustice, try to consult knowledgeable Ustaz for better explanation. As for me, if I can't find the answer, I would stop talking about it and always remember "sami'na wa ato'na". We listen and we obey.

Just my 2 cent for today. Hope everyone read the whole of it. Thanks