Bored..dush dush!! Onemanga is blocked. Almost fed up with my IPOD playlist. I'm looking for new songs for my IPOD. New here means the one I seldom listen. It doesn't mean a new release song. Anyone fancy to share their favourite songs?? I'm thinking of Miley Cyrus's..but I don't know the title. Halo - Beyonce. And another song from Beyonce which I forgot the title. An old one.

Faizal Tahir - Bencinta..hmm. Probably. Yeah, why not. I can sing it out loud along the journey balik kampung. I need a few disco genre song like Fire Burning Sean Kingston. I played this so many times to lighten up my mood. I'm not really up to date with the latest releases, so kinda hard to assemble a new fresh playlist. Huuu...But that's the plan anyway.

Arhhh!!! nothing fancy to share..