Behold the Godfather!!!

Hehehe..Any ressemblance?? Of course No!! Someone would be looking for me with a shortgun if he looks like me..ahahaha!!! Here comes Zaffar and his self-claimed Godfather..ahaha!! If only Zaffar was looking at the camera and smile, it would be a very nice picture ever taken..ekeke.

Managed to meet this cute little toddler last weekend when I went to the Afair Weekend bazaar at Soho mont Kiara. Seriously, I would never knew there's this place with a various selection of restaurants and dining place just behind an apartment area.

Zaffar didn't recognize me earlier. He didn't want to be carried by me. But my fatherly aura is so overwhelming..(ahahaha). Just managed to play with him and carried him the whole time. Kissed his fluffy cheek once in a while. He laughed when I played peek-a-boo with him while we were in the car going to where my bike was parked. Arrr..dh nk balik baru gelak2..binci tauuu..

Ekeke..his parents are waiting for the pictures I bet. Ahaha!! Saja upload lambat skeeettt..ekekeke!!! Ahh..miss you Zaffar!!