Ahh..my thought..it's just my thought..

Friday!!! No plan yet for this weekend as the initial plan to balik kampung has been changed to a babysitting session. Might bring them to somewhere else this Sunday. Worried if their presence might cause an uneasy feeling among my housemates. I'll handle them accordingly, no problem there I think. Window shopping is the plan so far..hmm..

Thank you to Miz Fieza whom has just being my follower. I'm not sure the reason. Perhaps she was looking or googling for 'Farid Kamil' and came to my blog..ahahaha!! However, thanks again and hope you would find a bit of serenity whenever you visit here. =].


I have a friend, a girl who was kinda fat before but managed to slimmed down and she is now confidently walking and enjoying her life. When we were doing a discussion on 'What would you do if you could go to the past' during our english class in Internexia, she gave her thought on the table.

"I would find myself when I was fat in the past and let her know that she's looking at her ownself 7 years later. I would advise her to be strong and always has a high confidence in her. She could see how she could be in the future by looking at me and she would be happy that one day she would be slim and not always being the big teddy bear for the rest of her life. This would make myself in the past more confidence"

Hmm..a great thought. But me, being my deep-thinker came into my own version of thought. Well, we had 6 people in a group and we would go for only the best idea among us. It's a lesson on how to sell your idea while at the same time being considerate to others. So, I have to sell my idea and make others look awkward. Ekeke..sounds evil huh? that's the reality my friend.

"Ok, imagine..if myself approached by myself from the future. He said that I would become a millionaire in 7 years time. Don't you think as a mere human being, I would probably started to think that in the future I would be a great man and rich. Thus, I became lazy as I've already known the future and at the same time jeopardized the fact that I am a millionaire in the future??"

"If your fat version approached by you..the slim version, won't you think the fat version would eat all she wants or do things that makes her fatter just because she knows she would be slim in the future? Or the worst..she would say to her friends that she doesn't give a damn on what they thought of her (fat version) as she knows she would be slim in the future without taking any initiative??"

And just as you guessed..I won the discussion putting my own idea to go back during the time when the dinosaurs were wiped out from the earth. Scientist said it was due to the big flood when the big land was divided to many pieces and islands because of the topography change. My version was that dinosaurs are just like the size of animals we have now. T-Rex might be just as big as a lion. The foundation of my idea is because Nabi Adam was such a big man. I read that his chest was 60 feets!! So, the reason to go back to this point of time is to seek the real truth of the reason why they were wiped out and extincted.

So, the humans during the dinosaurs era were way bigger than us. And also, I have the idea that dinosaurs were wiped out during the big flood of Nabi Nuh's time. And the rest of them who managed to be saved evolved and evolved making them smaller or just extincted because of some reason. Well, humans are such a rude creatures aren't we??