30th - Still no salary..arrr!!!

First of all, I would like to thank my dear friend, takraw gang, tennis partner, Asri whom so generous to treat me for dinner last night. After he heard my sad story (eekekeke) of going to the bed everytime the worms inside my belly were crying..he insisted to pay for my meal. Thanks again bro. Later I'll treat you for breakfast. HEhehee!!!

The figure in my account remains the same 4.34. Huwaaa!!! Fortunately for Maybank card holder, the minimum amount of our account is around RM5. That's why last week I could withdraw the last RM30...huhu. If like public bank which needs at least RM30 in your account, surely I would have already borrowed some papers from my friends. Huuu..

ahhh..just came back from my lunch.

This past 2 weeks I've been thinking a lot on where I am right now. Financially, carrer wise and of course emotionally. Hanging with a group of friends whom their tax deduction is 3 times your salary really widen your eyes and you'd see everything from different dimensions. You would start to compare, start to complaint and start seeking for opportunities.

You would start fantasizing. Even my friends with 20K++ salary would fantasize easier life ahead.

"I would buy a can of power root one day like I usually do. I opened up the can..kachinngg. Wow..I just won 1 million!! I would call my team lead saying that I'm not gonna work today because I'm just lazy"

"I just hope suddenly when they read Michael Jackson's will, my name was there. Anuar Abdullah..Huu..who the hell is Anuar. In his will, he left me 3 billions USD to take care his monkey, Bubble. Woww..I could play tennis every morning instead of going to the office"

Hahaha..I'm blessed with friends whom have the same 'head' as mine. It's actually depends on our lifestyle isn't it??Our work. If you have a luxurious lifestyle, you would work so hard for it. A lot of families with less than half of what we earn every month could raise 6 children and still led a happy life. Hmm.this is the only motivation that keeps me enjoying my daily life.