I'm 95% recuperated!!! Ekekeke...Another 5% tu depends on my food intake. I wore my sweater last night, playing tennis and took it off once I've already sweating. After we finished our game, I wore it back and feel so comfortable. Now I know why the professional soccer player would wear their sweater once they were sent out from the field. At first I thought 'why would they wear a sweater when they have already sweating like hell?'. But last night when I tried, it suprisingly gave me a soothing feeling. But of course the only bad thing about it, you need to wash your sweater after that..=].

I wanted to bloghop before going to bed last night, but blogger seems so irritatingly hard to access. I couldn't login, the error kept coming out saying the respond error thingy. I backed up my entries by exporting it just for precaution. Did you guys experience the same thing last night?

Hence, this entry is a mere nagging version. Didn't manage to properly publish an entry last night. Huhhh...Eh??see..I've already lost the mood to write. Later la..ahahahaha!!!