Weekend is coming..againnn

Friday!! Yeay!! Most workers, macais like me would be so pleased when Friday comes knocking on the door bringing along the weekend for a visit. Oh, Wizza!! I saw your wedding card on the living room the moment I entered the house yesterday. Will update my reminder. Should be abel to make it if nothing else thwarting. And, my previous entry..thanks for all the comments and just want to make sure everyone is aware that the entry's purpose is not to say woman should always obey and keep their sighing inside themselves no matter how bitchy their husbands are. That is way different issue. Mine, is just particularly for the one that I mentioned. The one who forgot which one is the real thing needs to be done but always thought it was just nothing important =].

I still have problem signing into blogger last night. Damn. If it's because of my so-fast-connection, how come I could stream videos online. Hmm..when my eyes started to betray me, then I could see a spark of hope when my dashboard was appearing slowly. But it was too late, the night swallowed me in and I was drifted away....leaving my laptop idle till morning..

Anyone has any intention to feel the cold water??the stream...the waterfall..any? I think I need this kind of therapy. But if it was just me alone, it's not gonna be a great one for sure. I wont even be eager to go. Anyone?? But I have to attend my friend's wedding this Saturday. I thought I could go for a dip after tennis on Sunday??Anyone who happens to not having anything to do this Sunday 11a.m and above, you know how to contact me...hehehe...I haven't take pictures that are not wedding related for such a long time...My flickr looks so dull.

Well, happy weekend everbody!!!