A pray to my colleague

So bored..OMA!! Strangely, there's no email related to any tasks or requests that needs to be entertained from the users. The office seems to be awkwardly quiet. Even the construction next to our building is not erupting like usual. No shaking feeling today..Huu..I got an email from my councelor that our colleague, Lilian delivered her baby prematurely yesterday. The baby is only 7 month-old. I pray for her wellness and hope the baby would grow like a normal person, having friends, plays with them and tastes the sweet moments in his/her life.

I remember the accident happened to my mom when she was in her last month of her pregnancy. Mom involved in accident. She rode dad's motorcycle to her employer's house when she was a babysitter at that time. A car suddenly crossed the road. Mom didn't manage to hit the brake and slammed the side of the car so har. She flipped on the air over the car and landed on her hand.

Someone appeared on our lawn to deliver the bad news to us. I wasn't too shocked or terrified at that moment with the brick game on my hand. My sis cycled to fetch my dad from the kenduri of my neigbours. We went to the hospital with my aunty and my uncle. I saw mom lying on the bed with her broken jaw. The baby was safe miraculously.

I guess when Allah asked my sister whether she really wants to see the world, the cruel things about the world, the nice flowery moments she could experience, my sister answered yes to HIM with a brisk confidence. She's 13 year-old now, naughty, stubborn and sometimes makes my mom so irritated =]