Panic stricken!!

>> Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We thought of having our lunch around 2 p.m today. My belly is not singing yet maybe because of the diversion made by all of my incident tickets and user reported emails. The best thing about having lots of works to do is the fact that you won't realize the time passed so quick!! I like both. Nothing to do and so many things to do. =]. Am I being too positive??

Yeah, that gorgeous in the picture? Kindly meet Wardina. After months with her, I managed to snap a picture of her. Look how elegant she is...=p. I rode her home last weekend. Save my money on the fuel, but had to bear my itchy ass riding on her for 2 hours non stop. Ekeekeke..Wanna ride with me??

I got email from my HQ..well actually belated one because I just saw it today. They actually asked us to hand them our laptops so it could be updated with some kind of mandatory encryption thingy by today. I didn't bring mine coz I didn't know. GUess need to hand it to them personally later.

The thing is that's my only laptop which I've been using to edit my pictures. I would only know when I could collect it this Monday. I would waste almost a week. I have 3 albums to be finished. God!!! I am thinking every possibilities and options. Huuu...WHat should I do? Is it time to have my own machine?? No!!! I want to save my money.....huwaaaaa!!!!



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