Ahhh~~~~. Not feeling well today. But as long as my head is not spinning, I could make myself sweating by playing this evening and hopefully it would expedite the recovery. The massage chair kinda help. Sat on it this morning and might be doing it again later before I went home.

The tickets waiting are not that many. The emails with some queries from the users have already replied. I'm now working with the panadol effect inside me.

Cheee...I didn't manage to post this entry before going home yesterday. Nevermind, I'll just continue this entry. You see, I couldn't get the nice time blogging full time at night due to my album designing task. I always have the tendency to finish what is more important and for the time being, the album design. I think I would need to include extra RM50 charge for it in my next job..hmmm..yup, fair enough considering the effort I put on it.
Tonight, tennis session with my colleague. It's gonna be just a sweating-game to make the recuperation of my body going smoothly. I realize that during the past 2 years, whenever I was feeling sick, fever or something like took weeks for me to fully recovered. I'm rarely get sick to begin with but this pattern of slow recovery might indicate my recovery rate is getting slow..I'm getting old??perhaps..Or, is it because I would swallow the pill whenever I feel too sick, then I just drink cold water or eat any forbidden food for one with fever??Hmmm, the 2nd one sounds more appropriate..ekekeke
Ok, gonna go for my lunch. Stay healthy guys!!!
p/s : my colleague wanna treat me to watch Transformers!!!!!yeaaaaa!!!