Nadal lost!!

Monday always has it's own pace. The holiday mood still just slowly fading away, the fatigue from the activities you have done during the weekend is still itching and the mood to work is still running towards the next gear. Checked my mails, anwered some of them and back to my normal routine. For support consultant like me(at last I can use the word consultant as I have just been promoted last week), Monday is the busiest day. No time for monday blues when you need to entertain all the mails and the tickets. But once you settle that, it would be fine.

Nadal lost last night. I watched it from 8.30p.m if I'm not mistaken. Then I went out for my dinner with my housemate. When we finished we realized none of us were carrying the house key. WTF!! I've tried to tamper with the knob and the lock using my credit card..uu..(it's already useless), but failed. Last option, we drove to our housemate's camp to get his key.

Got into the house around 11.15 and Nadal was still playing when I switched on the Astro. Wauu!! It was great to watch how the first rank player got beaten by 23rd-ranker on a court where Nadal never lost a single match before. Great match Schodeli (if I'm not typing it wrong). You have made other players extremely relieved by beating Nadal. And all the speculation of Nadal being the champ is already crumbled.