My schedule - Kindly book me in advance..ehehe!!

When I was so active going to my Aikido class end of last year and early this year, I would reach home around 7.30 after my usual takraw evening, took a bath, prepared my dogi (The aikido uniform), ate a light meal like biscuits or bread and rode toward the building around Serdang Komuter session for my class. I went to the class every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday nights and sometimes on Sunday morning. My weekdays' nights were always full.

But after the fee has been increased, and after further calculation..It seems it would be a bit waste to pay for that amount and not going everyday and plus I was so sure there would be a week where I could only go to the class once a week (holiday, balik kampung etc). So, I took a decision to halt going to the class for a month. There's where it started.

During the one month break, I joined my colleague playing tennis every Tuesday night. Of course, I couldn't join them before because of my Aikido class. I felt so fantastic, I like the sport and I want to play more. Sigh..that's when I decided not to further continue my Aikido class. One reason - the fee. If I'm not mistaken, RM70 for onc-a-week class and Rm90 for come-as-you-like class. I could subscribe a broadband for the same amount. But damn I'm so missing my Aikido.

After I quit (for now) my Aikido class, I have all nights for my own activity. But guess how is it now??

Monday night - Tennis at Tman Tasik Titiwangsa with my friends (of course after I played sepak takraw 2 hours earlier)
Tuesday night - Tennis at Bangsar Sport Complex with my colleagues (sometimes I went home first to play sepak takraw)
Wednesday night - Actually I have 6-8p.m Takraw at Kampung Pandan Sport complex with my friends from Technip or I could play at my usual place. Then, I would go for swimming with Ayman. If I go for swimming, surely I would play at my usual place coz it's way nearer. We swim at Precint 6.
Thursday night - Tennis with Asri (JagaServer) at MMU.
Friday night - Usually on my way home (if I decided to balik kampung). If not, I'm available. Can book me for gathering or whatever.
Saturday - Morning, Tennis with Asri then swimming at MMU. Evening, Takraw. So I'm free during the night.
Sunday - If no plan, Tennis with Asri at MMU, no swimming after that. Or, tennis at Tmn Tasik with my other friends. Evening like usual takraw.

See, this is my latest weekdays' nights schedule. I'm not joking when I replied Jard message after she asked me to join them bloggers for a meet up saying "I'm already booked" because I was!!!. Ehehehe..So guys, now you know my schedule. We can go for movie on Saturday or Sunday morning till 5 p.m. Or during the nights..=]. Wanna meet me??ekekeke