meet the parents

Huu..Just got back from meeting the parents...ekekeke. Paid a visit to Cembam's family as they are in town right now. The sky looks cloudy just now so the initial thought to ride there was obviously a NO. Had to brought out my housemate's car, swap parking then drove there around 5.30p.m.

I was thinking on what to bring along the way. Finally I stopped by a stall and bought 4 pcs of durians for RM20. It was my first ever buying durians and I thought with such a price, I should get a nice one. The hawker was so not an honest one. When he cut open a portion of each one of it and showed it to me, it looks fine..But when I opened it at Cembam's place, some werent ripe enough and some were totally a waste. Damn. But Cembam's parents still enjoyed them. Cembam and 2 of her sisters are not a durian eater. SO, in the future I just need to buy less..ekekeke.

Had a nice chat with Cembam's dad about the collapsed stadium, the route to my hometown, crimes, house loan and lots more. The trick is just be yourself. It's not that hard. Ekekekeke. Kicked off from there around 7.15p.m. I picked up my laptop this afternoon and everything seems to be just the way it was. Huuu~~~ Now, I'm back on business...designing.