Krisis cuti baby sitter a.k.a Amah

Before I sleep, want to share an opinion given by my housemate about the issue of giving the same annual leave entitlement, off day every week n etc. Well, this would cause a major change definitely. The salary would also changed right. Most of us could afford at most Rm500 a month for an amah. Hmm..

The main cause of an Amah needed in a family is to take care of their kids when the parents go to work. If every employer, government or private sector could provide their own nursery for their employee's kids, won't that be a nice option? They can make a salary deduction for that. They can have a systematic Amah intake to babysit them. And of course, AL, Off day for these Amahs would not be impossible as it's coordinated by the employer itself. Might not be indirectly by the employer but it would be more efficient. Don't you think so?

Some of the government's offices have this kind of nursery. The staff's children would mix up among them. They make friends, their parents know that their kids are in good hands, the employer could always run a check on how these babysitters do their works. Everything would be nice. Hmm..great point.