Hula la la la

Just got back from the distress room watching Spongebob. I'm going to play tennis afterwards while munching the free jacob's biscuits. Not bad. At least a little supplement on energy. Hey!! I'm on leave tomorrow till Monday!! Anyone wants to book a date with me??ekekeke..but during the weekend, I'm gonna be at my hometown. 2 of my bestfriends are having their wedding events.

Cembam and her family is in town. Guess gonna allocate some time meeting her family and give cembar her ring and the perfume that I bought for her. Cembam said that her family is planning to go to Nilai 3 browsing stuffs. I might going if..just if..her family invites me. Heeee..

Already sent my laptop for encryption. My IT admin said I could pick it up tomorrow noon. Arrrr...2 days without designing. Gonna spend my holiday for the albums. I'll drop by your blogs tomorrow..=]. Have a nice working days guys!!!