Hectic nights...

Yesss!!!! Alhamdulillah..after 3 consecutive nights, staying up till 2 a.m finishing my client's albums..I managed to finished the final touch of the album last night..sorting the pictures, the album itselves and just need to wrap it tonight with newspaper or something to be couriered. Ahhh...I can rest a bit surfing my stuffs. I didn't ON my laptop at all last night. Huu..another album to be finished. Bhasyaaa!!!!

Urk..I woke up at 10 this morning..that's the side effect OK. I just switched on Wardina while getting ready. Besit all the way to the office. My Team Lead is not here..he's on leave for a week. I don't want people misunderstood me as taking the opportunity for coming late. It's not a purposely late wakeup ok..Cembam has already called me this morning to wake me up.

No new issue in my inbox, so I guess it's a good time to write this new entry before going off to for my lunch. Ahhh...I think I wanna took a bath after lunch. So sleepy..ops..actually I skipped my morning bath pagi tadi..dh lambat ok...But it's fine for me. I'm blessed with odourless body..hehe.
Editted : baru lepas mandi kat ShellHouse. Smlm dapat free sample sabun may..wangi beb..mmg ko rg pasti rasa nk cium aku skang ni..ahahaha