GoKart - a burden to my partner

I have a tennis date this morning with Nageb and the others. He has already booked a court from 9-11a.m today. I bathed so I could have a fresh eyes and ON my computer so I won't succumb into my mattress again. So, while waiting for 8.30, I just browse the Prince of tennis manga, browse some of your blogs and design a page or two of my last client's album. And thinking of typing something. Here it is. =p

Ah, yesterday after zuhur, I went to Mardi with my housemate as I've promised my colleague to be his partner for a go-kart novice racing. Heheehehe..fortunately I'm feeling better. It was my first time ever karting. This race is organized by Shell. Rm30 for the race for each person. Not sure that would be the normal price or it has already half paid by Shell.

My colleague managed to get 2nd place for the previous session with his former partner. But because his ex-partner moved to other company, he needs another shell employee to be his partner and the person out of everyone else, was me!!

Ahahaha..they didn't let the first-timer to test drive a full lap. They just started the race. They were tired they said. I was the 2nd driver. My colleague drove nicely and managed to get 1st place adding the pressure to me. When it was my turn, we swapped and at the very 10 meter, someone has already overtake me..ahahaha..

As a first timer, it's hard to adjust the feeling. It's a bit different then driving a car. U always think the kart would flip over or something..I even crashed twice. Uuuu..but I tried my best. And the result?? 7th place. 2nd last!!! Ahhahaahaha!! Sorry to my partner dude...from 1st place to 7th..wtf!!

I might not join karting anymore as the fee is kinda expensive for me. We'll see..sorry again partner..ahahaha