Do you remember?? -An entry dedicated to all of you aging people=p

Hmm..just finished reading all my new mails in the inbox and replied to some of them. Some needs to be investigate and analyze. Some needs a justification from the consultation before I could reply them. Back to our working life, the bitchy environment, coldness of the air conditioning and the colourful attitudes of people around us. So, are you smiling at this very moment? frowning? cursing? crying? sighing?? =]. This is life my friends..your life, my life =].

Remember when we used to run naked after our bath. Went to get our toys while our parents screaming with our clothes? Remember when your parents were having a siesta (nap in the afternoon) while we were tip-toeing to the frontyard and flew our kites? Remember when we watched the adults playing badminton in front of our house when we were so astonished with the fact they could hit the ball across the net which was soooo high beyond our reach??

Remember?? We wished we could grow up back then..right??

Remember when we were in the primary school standing in the line singing Negaraku when one of our classmate said to us, "I need to go to the bathroom" yet he wouldn't dare to ask for permission from the teacher and ended up with his poo sliding down and coming out from his trouser? Remember when the teacher advised us to further our study in a good school rather than the neighbour school that except any students with any grades?? We looked at the school from our window and said "I dont want to study in this garbage school" yet we ended up there??

Remember?? We wished we could grow up back then right??

Remember when we were in the secondary school when we were entering the adolescence world, admiring girls or boys, wrote a love letter, kirim salam and dating after the period ended? Remember our teacher used to say that we should continue our study till we were accepted in the university and we could fall in love and looking for our soulmate there because we would easily break up with our secondary school couple? Remember we used to dream and hope we could enter the best university or studying oversea??

Remember?? We wished to grow up back then..right??

Remember when you were accepted?? You were a university student, familiarising yourselves with the words..tutorial, first test, second test, assignment, final project. Remember we used to play video game till dawn and yet we claimed it's not the reason why we only get 2 marks out of 40 for our test?? Remember we used to have dinner in a group, laughing and sarcasing among us?? Remember we broke up with our partner couple of times? Remember we starved for weeks because we bought a new computer. Remember we used to say how nice if we could earn our own money, working and having a family??

Remember?? We wish we could grow up back then..right??

Remember when we desperately looking for job? Grab anything in front of us regardless of the pay. Remember when we first move into our rent house? Remember the smell of our first salary when we withdrawed it from the ATM machine? Remmber our first saving? Remember our first thing we bought using our hard-earned money?

Now we are working to get our paycheck every end of the month. We wait and wait every month. We paid the installment, the house, the car and what left depends on ourselves. Was it enough? Can we buy what we like? Can we enjoy our life with the rest of our salary? Can we save enough so we could marry our loved one? Can we contribute some to our parents?

So many things we need to think of right?? Now we wish we could just be a kid back...=]. There's no need of a kid to think about the future right??Live their life and enjoy their snacks...