Another sengal moment

Ahhh~~~~. Tuesday and nothing so special about it yet. I stayed up till 2 a.m last night designing the 2nd album for my client. They want it by Friday. It normally takes around 2-3 weeks to finish one custom album especially for those part-timers. But I still tried my best to fulfill the request and walllaaaa~~ I managed to finish it last night..well, morning I suppose. Gonna send it for printing during lunch today and then take care of the wrapping because I need to send it via courier. Hope everything went smooth.

Ah, wanna share another sengal moment. Last weekend 4 of us, housemates attended our ex-college mate's wedding at Wisma MBSA S.Alam. We went to buy a gift for him first at Jusco Equine and then headed there using Kesas Hway. We supposed to turn right at one of the junction around Seksyen 27, but missed it. Due to an assumption that those roads are connected, we just continue to find our way.

After a while, we reached a dead end. Still wanna try we took a turn instead of going back to the missed junction earlier hoping we would find optional way there. Then we reached Putra Height, a vast new housing area and there was a Toll plaza there. It looks new, looks empty. It was only our car and a bike that made a U-turn in front of the toll plaza. The gate was open.

" toll ah??Has it operate yet?", while I kept on driving
"Dunno..the gate is open", Pagoh said while I kept on driving towards one of the lane
"oh..oh...gate open??Is it free???Not operating yet??YEAAAAAA!!!!!" while I drove through the lane without stopping thinking it's not operating yet and at the same time I put my hands on the air like celebrating a goal!!
"Eh, there was a girl waving at us from inside there", Pagoh said when he realized there was a toll gate waving at us.
"haahh?? Maybe because we are not supposed to use this road??Is it dead end in front?damn!!", still driving hoping to make a U-turn.

But we could see cars ahead coming from the opposite direction which made us believe it's not a dead end. The Hway is totally new one. THen we looked for S.Alam s.board and at the end of the Hway, we arrived at another toll plaza. The first thing I read was the sign "please hand your ticket". Whatt???

"oii..they are asking for ticket dowh.."
"hah??ye ke?"

I stopped the car next to the toll-box (dunno what u call it) and said to the toll guy ,

"Sir...we dont have a ticket!!"
"Haa?U didn't took the ticket?"
"Well, we thought the toll is not operating yet"
"It has been operating for a while"
"But the gate is opened"
"It always open"
"Arrr..why? We thought still freeeee. SO how?"
"You would be penalized if you dont have a ticket"
"What's your car registration number?"
"Wan HayaTi"

The guy made a call and checking the data. I think the toll gate that waved us before said something like.."yaa..those idiots!!I've already tried to stop them!! But they even put their hands up celebrating while shouting YEAAAAAAA...No TOllll..Freeee!!!!!". Ahahahahahaha!!!

FOrtunately we just paid RM1.10 for that mistake. And drove till we arrived at our free-meal destination with a super hungry bellies. Well, another sengal moment..ahahaha!!