500th post!!! - The past is moving towards the future

On 13th and 14th June, I attended my friends' wedding. Arrived around 1p.m with my sis, Nora and Suzi. It was raining but fortunately it was a quick one. Walking under the umbrella carrying the gifts, we could see many people walking out from the bride's house.

We straightaway went upstairs where the bride and the groom were sitting on their majestic chair while the rest were taking their pictures. I brought out my Nieyl and took some pictures of them. The bride is one of my best friend and the groom was my neighbour and the one playing takraw with me when he was still active playing. I shake his hand and congratulated him.

After that we drove to the other one's. Some of our friends were already there when we arrived at Ajak's house. The kenduri has already ended. There was only us left taking the food. Ajak picked orange for the theme. Brownish orange to be exact. We chatted a while, took pictures and leaved the place around 30 minutes later.

Then, we drove to my friend's house who just delivered her baby last week. Khalinah/ Anne. They were expecting a boy after the result of the scan showed that it was a boy, but once delivered they found out that he is a girl. Her name is Ami Zahrah. She could barely open her eyes. I took the liberty to cuddle her on my arms..huuuu...Ami was getting quite a rash..but I bet it would be cured and she would becoming a one beautiful kid.

We continued our journey that evening to visit another friend whom we didn't manage to pay a visit earlier when she just delivered her baby. rashidah's baby is already 4 month-old. Her name is Siti Damiya Asilah. Again, I took the liberty to take her on my arms and make her smile with my face-doing. Hehehehe....

I considered this as something like Hari Raya Baraan. Well, as most of my friends have married and led their own family life, the upcoming Raya might not as the years before. Everyone has their own agenda. Last year was the last baraan I think..hmmm..