Yeaa!!! I'm connected

Yeaaa!!! Just got back from Celcom center TTDI. I've already bagged the Celcom Broadband with vodafone USB modem!! Hehehehe!! Bhasya!! After the issue of my browsing activity in my office, I couldn't lie to myself and said that I don't give a damn on it. I do give a damn actually. I dont wanna jeorpadize my reputation in my work. Eventhough it's just because of surfing activity, the management, people wouldn't ask if my jobs are done efficiently or not. People tend to just spot the wrong things we did/do, but the great'd just a rubbish.

I thought we work based on trust here. As long as I do my job, everything should be fine. BUt as my HQ manager mentioned that things have changed, the Shell management has changed, my manager has changed...they are looking at our smallest mistake to create a huge reason not to continue our service here. SO, this is the MAIN reason I took this broadband. I want to get rid the urge of wanting to use the internet so hard in the office. For the sake of my career.

So, I'm gonna bloghop more and more at home, publishing more entries with more cariety of scopes, dloading movies (as it's gonna be easy??), try to make money via internet and lots more. I will share with you guys anything that would be beneficial to us...Ok, niat dh betul...=]. amiiinn.

p/s : if you are a TM touch user before, they gonna check your due payment. You know during the time when these tm touch salesperson creeping out everywhere, promising you that they would be free RM100 credit and you can terminate the line anytime..yah, you remember now??Yup, they gonna check that..=p