What a bad end of the day. I'm still in KL!!

Arghhh!!!!! I'm sp pissed off, sad, terkilan...every feelings that you could ever come up with that are caused by a thwarted vacation!!! The bus left me!!!!!!


My DSLR equipment - Checked!
My underwears - Checked!
My Shirts - Checked!
My perfume and deodorant - Checked!
Cembam's fixed ring - Checked!
Cembam's new perfume - Checked!
Ipod charged - Checked!

Eveything is checked that Thursday morning before leaving to work. The plan was to get to the Putra Stop after my working day is ended. Just a small backpack contains my DSLR equipment and some other things. And a sling bag with my clothes inside. That's all.

After 8 hours waiting for the office day ended, my Team Lead, Hendro and I were ready to kick off. We've already switched off the computers. Hendro offered me to come with him, stay at his place while waiting for my departure time at 10 p.m. So, Hendro drove me to his house, put my bags in his place and we went down by the swimming pool for a sip of coffee while chatted things about works and lifes.

Around 9.15 p.m, after my Isyak prayer, Hendro drove me to the Putra Stop which is jus walks away from his apartment. But Hendro as his usual generous self offered to drive me there. Thanked Hendro, I'll get my butt out of his new car. So that evening I had the chance to know Hendro more. Know his family and his lifestyle.

It's 9.30p.m, I walked straight to the Sani Express counter and asked if there's a chance my M2 10p.m bus has already arrived. The gal in the counter replied, "Not yet..it's the 10p.m bus right..", with the tone that I should chill out when it's still too early. But that info is the cause of what had happened later.

After the gal told me that line, I went out and wait for every buses that were arriving that night. My eyes were focused on the sign 'M2' for my bus. But I could only see M4 and M3. Around 10 p.m, I walked into the terminal listening to any announcement regarding my bus. But none. The only stupid thing was that I didn't ask the counter after that. Well, because I've already observed all the bus and I couldn't see mine!!! It's an obvious reasonable thing to do right??

Then 10.15, I started to worry, I walked to the counter again. "Is M2 bus here yet?". "M2???It's already left.."

Oh My Allah..It's like hearing a very bad omen!!! I could feel my gut being pumped the capillaries are about to burst out!!!

"What????!!!I've been here all the time! I didn't hear any announcement made. I waited outside and I never saw my bus", I started to panic, but my voice still as calm as I ever used to.
"The bus has been here for a while before 10. They will stop at Gombak Shell station. It's 10 pm bus right? Kuala Terengganu", the gal replied with kinda pity face.
"Yes...OMG..Is there any way you could squeeze me into any of the buses heading there tonight?", I tried to suggest it.

The gal walked to other counters asking while I texted Cembam that I missed the bus. Cembam sounded panic at the other line as well. She called me. I told her I'd call Hendro asking his favor to drive me to Gombak Shell station. I cut the call, and dialled Hendro's. Hendro agreed to offer his help. I get the gal and asked her to rang the bus driver to wait for me there. But I got this reply.

"I dont think you could make it..They might have already passed the toll"

Damn it!! They didn't even try to call the bus driver!! The bus might be stucked in the jam and it was just 15 minutes after the bus was out from there!! But for some reason, I didn't yell to their faces. Another man came to us and was blaming me not to listen to the whole announcement and for waiting outside.

"The thing is, at 9.40, I asked this gal and she said the bus is not here yet. So, am I the wrong one? Of course I waited outside and checking out every buses that coming. And I didn't see mine"
"Of course la...the bus is already at the front of the row", while pointing towards it. "Why didn't you check with the counter? The bus was already here at 9.30"
"I did. She said the bus is not yet here when I asked her at 9.40 and I trusted her. That's the only reason I waited outside"

Felt the cause was also from there. The guy just looked to somewhere else. Hendro has already around the station waiting for me.

"No bus I could squeeze in?"
"No, all full house"
"Can I sell my ticket for 10th May KT to KL"
"Yes", while handing me a piece of paper for me to fill in my contact number
"But we can't assure you we can sell it. ANd we'll deduct Rm5 from it"
"It's OK"

I leaved the station with a very very heavy heart. Terkilan sangat!! I texted Cembam that I'm not gonna be there. It's a total loss. I walked towards Hendro's car, explained to him everything and asked his kind favor to drive me to our office where I parked my bike. Along the way Hendro tried to ease me down. It's just fate. Bukan rezeki aku nak ke sana. I know it's also my mistake, but the mistake is done because of the false info by the counter gal.

Huh~~~~ So here I am writing this entry at Island Red Cafe after my Friday prayer. Ohhh..I could here the wave and feel the ocean breeze~~~~ Arghhh.. Sorry Cembam..So soryy~~