Sadddddd...feeeling so sad. I've been checking this website since early this month to see If my entry would be picked by the judge. Hmm Hmm..I've survived till the 7th elimination round out of 8. Just now when I checked it with a very loud tumph in my heart, I could see my name in the elimination list...arrrr...I failed during the very last round. Remember the picture of me reading a book under the tree (for those who feel lost). Uuu..sedey..

When I checked some of the finalist pictures, some of them I would consider not adhering to the rules of the contest. One of the rule was to take your own picture. Well, if Im not mistaken. I wont bother checking again..but some of the pictures are someone else's pictures. Some kids playing classroom teaching. It's awesomly gorgeous, I can't deny it..but it's not the photographer's own pictures!!!

Am I following the rule too much???It's way easier to take someone else's picture. But when it come to your won picture, its hard. You need to bring a tripod or a friend to take your picture. It makes the creativity limited.