One and a half day at Kampung

Just got back from my hometown, watching "Second in Command", AXN channel while lying on my chest surfing my HSDPA connection. It shows me an excellent coverage, however 1Mbps is still way beyond the possibility. Just ran the speedometer, and I got 121Kbps for the maximum download speed. What the hell was that?? like 1/300 from the actual speed I subscribed for. When I select basic package one, I just got broadband huh??

Sani Express called me when I was stopping by to buy my usual blended mango along the street towards KL. The counter girl mentioned that they managed to sell my ticket. KT - KL and saying that tomorrow will be the last day to collect it. So, after my friend dropped me at Damansara Damai to fetch my bike, I ride my bike with my sis to collect it. Ok lor, they deducted Rm5 from the original ticket price. Still ok.

Hmm..just a 1 and a half day with my family. So short, but managed to see my brother whom I last met during Hari Raya if I'm not mistaken. He's already finished his degree of Human resource at National University of Defence Malaysia. He said, his hellish life is just about to begin. Once he gets into the unit and starts his day as a captain, he's gonna bears with the torture, the senior's awful treatment and more things one wouldn't ever want it happened to themselves.

Just hope he's not gonna get picked so often and tortured so hard by his officers. Amiiinnn