Oh world!!!! Uglier every second

To Wafa : Thanks a lot..I mean really a lottt for the suprise package. It arrived at 12 noon yesterday and I've already ate 1 pic of it effortless...hehe. Thanks again. Any plan for the weekend guys??? Any?..

Ekeke..Zonaku might pissed with me asking..Ekekeke. SHe invited me to watch the Xmen movie last weekend but I said I couldn't come because 5p.m seems to be my Takraw time. My legs would shake when the clock tick at 5..huu..Gomenei ZOna chwaaannnnn!!!

My office would be shaking once in a while due to the construction works next to our building. So far it's not even close to 1 richter scale. It does shake, but just like a slow vibration when you lean on the ogawa machine..I think Ogawa machine vibrates more than this. SO, for the time being, we are OK.

I read a news from the newspaper the other day about the rate of crime now, especially those involving female victims. It's been getting way too serious now. When it comes to female, of course rape would be taken place in most possible situation. Rempit, another humongous issue now. For this rempit and bohsia activity, I am strongly agreed with the quote from the police officer that it's being encouraged by the films. BOHSIA, REMPIT, ANAK HALAL, HARU BIRU and lots more films that has been produced in the name of civic message. What the fuck!!

I feel want to try the wikang and wheelie right after I watched REMPIT. Those films are seriously making us want to try dude. THe message was only the last part, the hero died!! But mostly the action is so catchy, and the hidden message is always saying 'they are not as bad as they look'. Fuck!! Now they would be more people doing it and said 'eventhough I rempit, doing so many bad things, I'm still human..I have dignity2. Yaaa..so great!!

Those killing, hitting people, gangbang, group fight..they are now proudly carrying the name of rempit. For me, I don't have any grudge to those so called rempit. Their skills are awesome man. I admire them in that point. If they just do their things on the road, then if someone pass by..they stop..giving way..then they continue after that, there shouldn't be problems right? Asalkan tak menyusahkan orang.

Rape?? Huh..you think about it yourself. I'm surrounded with girls wearing something that can't even wrap them properly. Everytime we look at them, uuuu...our sex desire would be in the climax. Then when we said 'I really wanna fuck her', we are the one being called animals. Arghh..stupid world. We are the one being harrassed!! SOme sexy girls would say that even a proper-dressed girl being raped. Of course. They look at those sexy girls everyday. THe sex desire is unbearable...they don't get to have them, anyone would do..any opportunity would do. That's why the one with proper dress also being raped.

See the world now guys. It's becoming uglier every seconds!!