A night testing of my connection

Friday - Just got out from the meeting room. There was a small discussion among my team. THe manager is supposed to join in, but this time he couldn't make it. Well, my team lead say this, "Hemy, I've got a nice feedback from the management that your performance is OK now, there don't really eyeing too much on you now". Hmm..great news it seems right? BUt the thing is, my issue was about my surfing activity. But it has been translated to a new word which sounds really bad for me right? Performance...Ughh..It sounds like I'm not doing my job really well all this while. Anyway..I'll take the responsibility instead of blaming someone or something else...the principal I've learnt and will always be used..=]. Go!! Bhasya!!

I just managed to try browsing using my Celcom Broadband just for a while last night coz I had a tennis session like always. U wanna know how it performs?? Ok.,for simple browsing, blogging..it's kinda OK. Flickr, uploading pictures..haven't tried yet. Youtube streaming, pretty slow. The signal keep changing from HSDPA, to EDGE or 3G. But streaming is way too slow. I just got receiving packet for around 80Kbps. So where's the so-called 'up to 3.6Mbps??'.

As I've already mentioned previously, broadband means jalur lebar. So, physically it is a cable. Streamyx is the only provider with this service. If you want to use it while moving, mobile, places other than a fix one like your home. Yes, go for wireless boradband. If not, just bear with streamyx.

BUt yet to test my celcom. If it's performing excruciatingly poor, I'm gonna take it back to Celcom for my 7-day warranty...hehehe. But I like the mobility though. Now you know why we don't have great hackers like we've seen on TV. Our connection is damn slow. You can't do hacking with a slow connection...you would get disconnected easily!!!Ahaahahah!!!