My new bride - Wardina!!

After so many attempts asking Wardina to appear in my blog, today she's willing to show her face. But she gave me one condition. I need to put something else's picture instead of her as long as she looks just the same as hers. Credit to digitalmukmin for this pic. So, hereby..I introduce you guys to my newly wed bride - Wardina. Sorry..she's a bit aloof. Ekekekeke!!

It's already around a month she's been with me. I've already understood most of her behaviours, attitudes and feelings...hehe. She can goes 400km for RM20 fuel. She can ran 140km/h max for the time being. It has been told that her descendats has been installed a limiter for everyone of them. I need to remove this limiter and tune her a bit to maximize her potential.

She's not dead fast yet...But running 120km/h everyday to the office now is so convenient!! I can arrive at the office faster and most importatnly I can get to the court after my workind hours ended everyday for my usual sepaktakraw session a little bit faster.

She's my warrior now. Run fast, consume less fuel and I look more stylish on her..=]. But yet RM203 a month for another one and a half year before she's totally mine.. Now I can balik kampung by her like the old days.

Wardina has lighten up my days....Benaffey is now resting at my place. Every 3 days I would spend time with her for a while making sure her engine is not half-dead. I would always remember Benaffey as my great companian through hard and good times. She would understand and has already accepted Wardina. My happiness with Wardina is Benaffey's happiness as well..=]