Kena rush Jbtn Agama

Just had our lunch downstair at the lobby. I am checking in at Garden Hotel, Batu Pahat with 2 of my friends, Aman and Deek. Our wedding shoot ended around 5p.m yesterday. Still weren't too sure whether to drive straight towards KL or stayed a night at Batu Pahat. But after we considered the fatigue eyes and the sore energy after the job, feeling sleepy and heavy head..we decided to stay a night. Thanks for Uda for entrusting us with your once in a lifetime moments. I'll give my best on the album Uda, don't worry.

last night, save budget melantak berkat that could feed like 50 people given by tuan rumah before we leaved the house. I brought my broadband along..ehehhe~~~. So I surfed from the room till 1.30a.m and then I went to sleep. Deek used it after that.

Around 4.30 a.m, I heard a faint sound of a knocking on the door. It's actually not that faint, but because of my half-asleep mode, mamai..U should know better. Deek went to the door and opened it. I heard "kami datang nk betulkan lampu". OOooo..I thought they were there to repair the lamp coz some of them in our room is not working. Rupanya they were JAIJ (Jbtn Agama Islam Johor) and were asking us to switch on the light.

Deek was the one answering questions from them, who we were, what we were doing here and wehere we were from. Aman was sleeping like a rock. Me, as I could hear Deek can handle the stuation, I just went back to sleep. If I were awake that time, the first thing I would say to the officer would be, "Sir, you didn't take off your shoes". Ehehehe..

Kalau bawak Cembam..ekekeke..we have already married maybe..Hahaha!! Kitorg sudah kena rush la dengan Jabatan Agama. I think almost all the rooms were being checked. Good Job officers...

Gonna be busy with the album design process now...huuu~~~~