I'm a fast learner...sometimes terribly fast!!

Yup...I'm a fast learner. It sound self-claimed, but I can assure you people do/did address me as one. It's not always a good thing being one. Sometimes people took you for granted. Everything passed to you. Do this, do that. And in most ocassions, being a fast learner is a curse. SO now, who thinks they are fast learner..kiss my cheek for the girls and knuckles contact for the guys..ekekekeke!!!!

When I asked someone to teach me something, I really hope he/she would sincerely teach me. But, the most important thing is, I really hope they wouldn't feel threaten by me. I'm not bragging or anything similar. I'm far than good and I'm so aweful at many things. Yet, this is the feeling everytime I seek for knowledge from others.

When I was in my college days, I had to use my other floormate's name in the network to create a network game so the rest would join it. They hate when they always lose when a month ago, I'm the best target for them. When I do something, I do it wholeheartedly. I play games, I always try to master them.

I have a very high degree of pity feeling towards others yet I'm supportive enough to make you feel comfortable to join and do something with me even if it's your first time. For example, if I play sepak takraw, badminton, tennis..anything with someone for the first time, I would always evaluate their level of mastery. I'd adapt to their pace and play accordingly. But not so obvious till they feel you just play half-ass with them. You might refer it to sympathy..but for me, it's my own way to support them. Making them having fun and wanted to do it again next time. When they get better, you would also be better by playing with them!!

But I think Ayman is already laguhing and cursing me if he read this...ahahaha!!! There was once we played badminton joining our chinese colleague. We beat them in every games. Eventhough they've already lead us by 10 points, we still beat them. Then I said to Ayman on the way back.

"They might not gonna invite us to join them again if we keep winning"

SO after that, we lost...and..emmm..we never win again..ahahahahaha!!!! See!! THey got better. THey changed their string after they lose to us. THey even changed their shoes. Us, still with the same thing..ahaha!!

So, the wisdom of the story please don't ever feel threaten that I would be ahead of you when I ask for your guidance and a bit knowledge. I always remember those who taught me and always respect them..=]

Today, I can't hold back...I just surf!!! But I don't put pictures for so many entries now yah..I have to limit my access to other websites other than blogger.