I'm bored and just wanna type something

Yes..to those who were wondering. This is exactly the same model that I'm using right now. I got rid of my office-provided keyboard and changed it to my own since-2003-keyboard. Hehehe!! I am so need a personal broadband connection. I don't have the guts to access meebo or any other kind of chatting application in my office. SOmetimes I really need to talk with someone virtually for things that should be discussed. A discussion with my clients for example. Hmmm..

I also have a plan to try answering surveys for money. I have the manual for quite some time, and I've already registered with some of the company who pays for their surveys to be answered. They did invite me for some surveys. But I need to reroute my IP address in order to do so. Definitely I dont have this kind of access using the company's connection.

It would also make my blogging days more colourful, easier and happier!!! I could post entries about how you could customize your blogs, how to shoot your pictures and lots more. I dont wanna end up caught red-handed while doing all of these in the office..hehe!! Even to write this entry, I need to secure the perimeter around me while typing it at the same time. huhu!! Thanks to my awesome keyboard..

If any of you walking around a shopping mall and bumped into the salesperson who was promoting celcom broadband or wimax special promotion, please give me a call yah? I'm eyeing only these 2 providers. Wimax is still not covering my area..huu..