I can't browse freely now

It's 12.50 p.m now. My colleagues and I have already bought our tapaued lunch meals but the pantry and the distress room are full for now. So we just went back to our desks and do our own things waiting for them to finish.

I'm not browsing any website at all today. The normal blogging days are now ruined.

Hmm..My manager is really strict when it comes to surfing. And due to our SLA is rather low (due to unknown tickets being assigned to my team lead), it seems our team is being watched really close. For employees like me, I know you would say it's not wrong to surf as long as the works are done. But I'm not the type that blame others but rather being responsible of it.

That's why I really gonna contain myself from browsing this week. Maybe starting next week, I'd see if I could browse during my lunch time. But for now, no surf at all. I dont want to stain my name just because of this issue. I know I do my job and exceptionally fast..but from the managerial side, they have their own rule. SO, I'm just gonna obey it.

Hence, they would be entries which gonna be scheduled-published after this. I really love blogging and if this is the way to keep it burning..I'll guess I'm gonna go with the flow. I'm going to draft my entries at home and just publish it when I have the internet privillege. I'll hop to your guys' blog once I've done with my scheduled entries.

If I might get irritated with this routine, then it's time to get my own internet connection. Hmm..it's gonna be more monthly expense I guess. Hope I could live with this routine of mine. Still gonna 'see' you guys and please dont stop coming..and..clicking. I've made lots of friends from blogging despite of the low numbers of visitors and I'm so happy to share things that revolves around me with you all...=]

Gonna have my lunch now.
aku kat kafe ni guna internet dr laptop org. kafe ni takde wireless lg..damn..ni abg ni nk pakai dah..nnt dia tak pakai balik aku bloghop tmpt korg..semoga korang memahami