Enduring my days

Boring....Waiting for emails from the users about any confirmation regarding the issues that they've logged. The original name of my blog was itching fingers. I suppose that explains multiple entries a day ocassionally. But after my friend tease me with a totally different ecchi meaning of itching fingers, I changed to the current one I'm using now. I first bumped into the word trudge when I read harry potter novel -].

The fear to browse and surf strike me again after my question about the WI-FI zone in our new working building was misinterpreted by the other attendees in the meeting just now.

When my manager said, "the wi-fi is really open for use", I was just want to clarify that it's supposed to be open only for the SHELL machines with the access of the GI-card. But my friend looked at me when my manager answered YES. And most of the attendees just laughed softly. It seems I was going to use the WIFI in my own laptop. Wow!!! Now my manager would be more suspicous. Just great...

I really am gonna subscribe for celcom broadband I think. I'm looking for anyone who doesn't use their broadband modem so I could borrow for a while saving to buy my own. Do any of you guys have one and not being used for the time being?? I would appreciate it sooo muchhh if you could lend me for a while. Well, when you want to use it back, I'm gonna return it back to you promptly. How about that??anyone?? If none, which is the highest possibility, I guess I have to buy one..hmmm...

-This entry is written yesterday...hehe..-