Huu..after weeks of slowly designing one by one and pouring all the creativity I could think of, I managed to finish the whole 20 pages of my client's album last evening. Remember I stayed back a while after my office hour ended yesterday. That was when the last page is finished. Huuu..I can browse internet freely now. If you are interested, you can go here to browse the pictures or just clickt the menu 'My Wedding jobs' up there.

Ahh..My friend asked me to join his colleagues to play sepak takraw in the hall near bulatan Kg Pandan. I've joined them for a while. But it has already been 3 weeks since the last time I joined them. I feel more challenging to play at my usual place. Another friend for tennis session and another one for swimming session. active. I decided to play at my usual place, and swim at 8p.m tonight at precint 6. Tennis session, scheduled to tomorrow night. Hehehe...Anyone else wanna book me??Ekekeke.

Everyone is waiting for the news about the increement and the bonus thingy. Got email from my manager that the letter would be handed personally to us tomorrow. My manager would drop by and give them to us..Huu..I don't really expect much, but less is better than nothing right..??

Friday I'm on leave...kick off from here around noon for my wedding job at Batu Pahat..ehehehe. Anyone from there wanna meet up??